Tuesday Sounds Like – In A Dream – High Highs


Listening to High Highs is like dreaming about beautiful seasides, desert landscapes, freedom, love… After a first Ep released few months ago, favourite Brooklyn-based Australian duo are back with an album ” Open Season” and this delightful and elegant new track: In A Dream.

Last year I’ve got chance and talked with the guys about their music, inspirations and life in this interview: here

Check below their new single and let’s fall into your deepest dreams…


Exclusive Interview – High Highs

From Australia to Brooklyn – I had a crush on a  band called HIGH HIGHS few weeks ago and I really can’t stop listening to their delicate and delightful songs since days… So I decided to introduce you our new favourite New York based band, through the short interview below! Hope you will like my early Christmas gift!

Hi guys, to start off let’s talk about you, who are High Highs

Hi! Our band is made up of myself (Jack), Oli and Zach.

What’s your biggest inspiration to create such a delightful music?

Silence. We like sitting down and creating music that comes from a pure place. We’re just aiming to be as direct as possible.

You released a new EP few days ago, could tell us more about it…?

Well, they are some songs we’ve been working on for a while but they are part of a bigger tapestry of songs. I think maybe 2 songs from the EP will be on our album. It’s our first release which is super exciting.

What about the music scene in new york actually? And the music scene in Australia?

They are very different. New York is much busier and its much more outgoing. Last night I saw a guy opening for a friends band, and he had two old school Game Boys plugged in and was making music. You wouldn’t see that in Australia. But Australia is beautiful, and crowds always get into the music much more. I think thats why a lot of international artists love touring there.

If I tell you Paris or Berlin, you think of…? (cities where the blog is based) Did you already performed there?

Oli lived in Berlin for a little while. I think he would say that Berlin makes him think of absolutely incredible dance music. We haven’t performed there or in Paris but we’d love to.

What about your dreams?

This question made me think of a James blake song. Our dream is to make music and we’re lucky enough to be able to do that.

Last questions “or about” but, are you into fashion? do you have a favorite fashion designer?

Absolutely! We were just in London and Oli’s friend Geoffrey owns this awesome company called Antipodium, they make cool stuff. Oli got a great sweater from him while he was there.

I really love A.P.C. Recently a friend told me about Freemans here in New York. Its really expensive but beautiful stuff. They make the best t-shirts too (i think they’re only about $40). Everyone should also check out Oli’s girlfriends jewelry, its super cool . Her name is Ebony Fleur

Exclusive Interview: HushPuppies


“You’re Gonna Say Yeah” it was them, “I want my Kate Moss” was also them, oui you already heard a lot  about our sexy HushPuppies!! Three years after the release of their second record “Silence Is Golden”, our frenchies are back with a new album called “The Bipolar Drift”.  I met two of them in Paris, just after their come back’s gig, which was pretty Awesome (with a big A)!  Let’s watch below the interview and learn more about these guys who are definitely giving to Paris a sweet taste of England!

“You’re Gonna Say Yeah” c’était eux, “I want my Kate Moss” c’était encore eux, oui vous avez déjà beaucoup entendu parlé des Hushpuppies depuis des années. Le grand retour est enfin là, nos frenchies sont back avec un album juste au TOP, rythmé de douces ballades, de beats electro fascinants et d’un rock ennivrant , c’est “The Bipolar Drift”. Retour sur ma rencontre il y a quelques jours avec Olivier (chant) et Franck (batterie) après un show Parisien très intense!! A découvrir ci-dessous l’interview de ces garçons qui donnent à Paris et à la France entière a taste of England qu’on adore!

New Start

La Berlisienne who? After working during more than one year on Les Berlinettes, I’m now launching my own website… Paris with a taste of Berlin and vice versa, this could be your source for bands interviews, fashion, music news, reportages and many other stuff that you will discover little by little! So Welcome guys and hope you will like it!

Et pour les Français, c’est la nouveauté car les articles seront aussi traduits (enfin presque tous, je vais essayer de faire au mieux). Donc oui La Berlisienne c’est un nouveau projet car après avoir crée les Berlinettes et travaillé dessus pendant plus de un an, c’est officiel désormais je passe à autre chose! Toujours dans la continuité vous allez comprendre mais… oui vous verrez, en espérant que cela vous plaise!

Interview with May68

I met on Friday, for their venue in Paris at La Flèche d’Or, the friendly five-piece band from Manchester (yes another one!) MAY68, who were performing with The Go Team for Les Inrocks Indie Club.

They made us dance on their brillant british electro disco pop, a really great gig full of good energy !

We talked about their music, their single released on Kitsuné, their plan for this year, the album and also about fashion, let’s have a look below…

Thank you so much guys, you kicked our frenchy ass!

Interview Jean Paul Lespagnard – Paris Fashion Week

“I Could Be Yours” Fall Winter 2011-2012 is Jean Paul Lespagnard‘ s first women ready-to-wear collection, presented during Paris Fashion Week.

The talented fashion designer from Brussels wants to offer luxury, as he said, not material luxury but the real thing: the freedom to be who you want to be. He says being inspired by high technology and by a bourgeois lady. His pieces are just amazingly creative… removable, convertible, exaggerated. The art in fashion.

No more revealations, let’s discover after the jump, our video interview that we made at his showroom in Paris and enter into Lespagnard’s world…

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