Sunday Sounds Like – Our Last Night @ Le Batofar


It all began few months ago when I came across Our Last Night cover versions of Miley Cyrus, Imagine Dragons, Katy Perry’ songs and many more… they totally got my attention and not only just a little!

I was on the lookout for some fresh tracks, different from all I was listening to at the moment. Needed to go back to basics with good post-hardcore songs (oui oui I have many different musical tastes!). I remembered that I was listening to this american’s band already few years ago. Plenty of my childhood friends come from this scene and sometimes I just love to immerse myself into that kind of music, bringing back such good old memories… Intrigued by the OLN covers, I was curious to discover their own creations and listened to their last album called Oak Island, wasn’t disappointed at all!

This release offers incredible versatility and creativity. The harmony between the two brothers, Trevor and Matt, is strong, flawless and I just felt in love with the mix between super-clean vocals and screams!


I took the opportunity when I heard about their venue in Paris, went to Le Batofar last sunday night, so curious and excited to see the guys performing live! A great moment, despite the fact I was feeling a bit “too old” surrounded by teenagers 😉 ! Anyway, the show was a complete success, full of energy. The band has been able to captivate real emotions and impressed the audience with incredible guitar’s works and vocals. We jumped, danced, like crazy!

Those cool guys are definitely part of my Top10 best musical surprise and something tells me that it wasn’t our last night, we should probably meet them again, next time on their own continent…  Keep you posted! xx Bisous, K.


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Welcome on Mars – Part II

It’s not a secret anymore, you all know how fuckin incredible are 30 Seconds To Mars on stage! Jared, Shannon and Tomo offered us a pretty huge show last night in Paris! A 11.11.11 memorable in Le Zenith, so I tried to catch some images for you in the video below… After “Welcome on Mars” Part I at L’Olympia, we meet again the band and his army on another stage, and who knows, it couldn’t be the last time in France…enjoy!

Ce n’est plus un secret, nous savons tous très bien que les 30 Seconds To Mars sont incroyables sur scène! Jared, Shannon et Tomo nous ont offert un show grandiose la nuit dernière à Paris! Un 11.11.11 mémorable, j’ai donc essayé de récupérer quelques images et de vous les présenter dans la vidéo ci-dessous….Après “Welcome on Mars” Part I à l’Olympia, nous rencontrons une fois de plus le groupe et son armée, et qui sait, ça pourait ne pas être la dernière fois en France ce mois ci… enjoy!